Tether channels influences from various strains of contemporary music. Combining bandleader Hayden Prosser’s dense compositional style with various forms of group improvisation, they discover new textures and colours that blend both acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

“Prosser's compositions develop elegantly, but rarely in straight lines... this quartet pushes the listener down several paths at once, creating a thrilling tension among the players even though they're actually tightly in sync“ Chicago Reader
Bass & Electronics             Hayden Prosser
Trumpet             Brad Henkel
Piano             Mark Pringle
Drums             Max Santner

Following from his debut release Tether on Whirlwind Recordings in May 2017 (featuring Elias Stemeseder, Philipp Gropper, Max Santner) bassist and composer Hayden Prosser continues his exploration into contemporary music styles. Together with his quartet, featuring new members Brad Henkel and Mark Pringle, they push forward an inquisitive stance on process music, electronica and contemporary classical music, searching for it’s connection to improvisation and jazz. With their talents as experienced improvisers, the quartet subtly weaves improvisation and composition into patterns of new and explorative colours.

On the Album
Tenor saxophone             Philipp Gropper
Piano             Elias Stemeseder
Double bass             Hayden Prosser
Drums             Max Santner

Recorded: Studio P4, Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin
Engineering: Marco Birkner, Berlin 
Edit, mix, post production: Alex Bonney, London
Mastering: Peter Beckmann, TechnologyWorks Mastering, London
Producer: Hayden Prosser
Executive Producer: Michael Janisch
Released May 12, 2017

Press Quotes
“A suite of soundscapes that will surely reward repeated plays, from which the listener will undoubtedly glean new textures and colours” All About Jazz

“What nudges Tether up to borderline addictive is how the melodies filter through... Fascination with this recording continues to grow with each return visit”Bird is the Worm

“A startling debut recording... This is wonderful music deserving of much, much more investigation. A creative musician could build a high tower from here.”Sandy Brown Jazz

“Compact sound studies that are structually finely balanced and well shaped and that cleverly wander between sublime groove and a total absence of metric anchoring.” —Concerto Magazine

“This is an assured set of pieces, with a clear sense of the philosophy through which compositon is approached and a strong unity in the playing. As a debut, it promises a bright career”Jazz Views
Upcoming Concerts

Past Concerts

24 November             Sowieso, Berlin (DE)
4 October             Cafe Dujardin, Berlin (DE)
12 July            Donau115, Berlin (DE)
16 May            Zukunft, Berlin (DE)

10 December            Tenho, Helsinki (FI)
9 December            Validi Karkia, Pori (FI)
20 May            Red Corner, Kirkkonummi (FI)
18 May            Oriveden Opisto, Orivesi (FI)
17 May            Bar Ö, Turku (FI)
13 May            Donau 115, Berlin (DE)
11 May            Ram Jam Club, London (UK)
19 May            Validi Karkia, Pori (FI)

Photography by Lea Schm

Composer, Bassist, Producer