Hayden Dean Prosser

Hayden is a UK born artist and composer based between Berlin and Helsinki whose practice revolves around installation and performative sonic art. Their work often centers on inner experience, language and reduction of hierarchies within sound and other materials.

A background in experimental music has led to works that focus on the visual influence on expectation as well as the multiple interplays between artist, performer and audience.


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Studio 183 -
Fashion film showcase
@ Studio 183, Berlin
10 September
film premier at Berlin Fashion Week
@ Zoo Palast, Berlin
showing daily, 6-12 September


Releases, Tether

Existing between improvised and electroacoustic approaches, Tether combines the depth of freeform sound exploration with tightly knit motifs, while bringing together various styles and influences with new colours and textures. They cross sonic and temporal boundaries and look to the subtleties of emotional connection, mindfulness and togetherness experienced through explorative music.

Small Chance From the album Tether

All (reprise) From the album Tether

Philipp Gropper, tenor saxophone
Elias Stemeseder, piano
Hayden Prosser, double bass and electronics
Max Santner, drums

Recorded at Studio P4, Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin
Released on Whirlwind Recordings, London

Chicago Reader
“Prosser's compositions develop elegantly, but rarely in straight lines... this quartet pushes the listener down several paths at once, creating a thrilling tension among the players even though they're actually tightly in sync“ 

All About Jazz
“A suite of soundscapes that will surely reward repeated plays, from which the listener will undoubtedly glean new textures and colours”

Sandy Brown Jazz

“A startling debut recording... This is wonderful music deserving of much, much more investigation.”

Bird is the Worm
“What nudges Tether up to borderline addictive is how the melodies filter through... Fascination with this recording continues to grow with each return visit”

Concerto Magazine

“Compact sound studies that are structually finely balanced and well shaped and that cleverly wander between sublime groove and a total absence of metric anchoring.”

Jazz Views
“This is an assured set of pieces, with a clear sense of the philosophy through which compositon is approached and a strong unity in the playing. As a debut, it promises a bright career”