Hayden Dean Prosser

Hayden is a UK born artist and composer based in Berlin and Helsinki whose practice revolves around installation and performative sonic art. Their work often centres on inner experience, language and reduction of hierarchies within sound and other materials.

A background in experimental music has led to works that focus on the visual influence on expectation as well as the multiple interplays between artist, performer and audience.


(website in progress)

Phase Transitions

A collaborative audio-visual work that explores collaboration itself. Through a focus on water, a link is created that weaves through each individual piece.  

video, sound 

People Crave

A poetic composition exploring meaning through the crosswiring of multiple fictions.
print, framed

A Day in Night’s Reality ~ A Night in Day’s Reality - part 1

Focusing on insomnia’s effect on sleep and wakefulness, the work represents a half dream, half awake state where the two morph together into a blurred and undifferenciated experience. 


Material and performances by:
Ben Glas
Polina Joffe
Haesoo Eshu Jung
Elina Nissinen
Angelo van de Wiel
video, sound


A work that looks at the outer and inner experience of audible events while playing with anticipation and absence of stimulus. 

video, sound

Plurality of Attention

A composition that showcases a scoring system inspired by individual outlooks and the demand on attention within contemporary culture. 

Premiered at the sonic art exhibiton Polyphon in Gera and Leipzig, 2021.
indeterminate instrumentation, lighting